Teachers' Voices

What We Can Learn From Teachers Around The World

June 29, 2021 BOLD and Nina Alonso, Nora Marketos Season 1 Episode 1
Teachers' Voices
What We Can Learn From Teachers Around The World
Show Notes

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Teachers’ Voices where you’ll hear three very different stories of teachers coming at teaching from very different learning environments, contexts and situations. Yet all of these teachers share a passionate commitment to the particular needs of individual learners. 

Our first special guest is Nora Marketos, co-lead of the learning school’s portfolio of the Jacobs Foundation, and in her role she works with educators around the world. 

“This podcast brings together teachers' voices in a short, but really powerful manner. And it complements their stories with existing research and evidence of what is already working. This provides a bridge between the teaching community on the one hand and those researchers who are seeking to better understand how we can help children learn and develop.”

In today’s episode, we hear about the challenges of accelerating basic literacy in a rural community in Mozambique:

“In our province, which is the most populous province in the country, only one out of 10 children can read Grade Two stories.” (Armando, a teaching facilitator in Mozambique).

About the enjoyment of developing creative ways to stimulate the interest of unmotivated students in mathematics, in a socially deprived area in Brazil. And discover the motivation to improve the reading skills of girls with severe dyslexia in Saudi Arabia:

“I told her [mother] that your daughter is like a gift that is wrapped in gold paper. But this paper is too thick, and it needs careful unwrapping. By the time you unwrap her potential, you will see a star inside that golden box.”

To learn what different teachers are doing around the world, download and listen today. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Why now is the time to listen to teachers
  • Accelerating basic literacy in Mozambique
  • Stimulating an interest in maths in Brazil
  • Helping severely dyslexic girls in Saudi Arabia

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