Teachers' Voices

Welcome to Teachers' Voices season three

September 13, 2023 BOLD and Nina Alonso Season 3 Episode 0
Teachers' Voices
Welcome to Teachers' Voices season three
Show Notes

Teachers are one of the most influential and powerful forces for equity, access and quality in education. They provide children with the knowledge, skills, attitude and tools needed to reach their full potential.

Join Nina Alonso for the third season of the podcast in which she shares powerful stories from teachers around the world, talking in their own words about their own experiences. Every episode, Nina invites international experts on learning and child development to give their thoughts on the big topics in education. 

What challenges and opportunities does AI bring to school life? How can children be more connected to nature and be agents of social and environmental change? Explore these questions and many more in our third season, and hear from inspiring teachers and amazing guests including Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director General for Education at UNESCO.


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