Teachers' Voices

How learning communities can help children thrive

June 28, 2022 Season 2 Episode 1
Teachers' Voices
How learning communities can help children thrive
Show Notes

Why is it so important to take a holistic approach to young people's sense of self? Nina explores how educators can be the connection between children, nature and the wider society with the aim of creating a community of learning.

In this episode, two teachers, from Portugal and Japan, share how their work enables them to support collaborations between students, schools and communities to help protect the environment. 

Nina also talks to Ross Hall about the tools and actions needed for educators, schoolchildren and the wider community to learn and thrive together. 

For more info about Ross Hall and the work of the Jacobs Foundation, connect on LinkedIn or visit Learning Societies.

Ross's book recommendation: Designing regenerative cultures by Daniel Christian Wahl.

You can find Manuela Valentim on her website or on Twitter

For more information about Blueschools: The Blue Schools concept, Blue Schools

Manuela’s inspiration: Koen Timmers - Educator, Author, Speaker

Barbara Bilgre is on Twitter

For more information about the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos: GMFER

Barbara’s tips for resources: 

Learning that transfers

Podcast: Cult of Pedagogy

Episode Highlights

  • [02:25] Meet Ross Hall
  • [03:25] What does 'thriving' mean?
  • [07:26] What does the research say?
  • [10:27] Inspiration and recommendation
  • [11:09] Meet Manuela Valentim
  • [12:28] Project-based learning
  • [15:07] Building learning ecosystems
  • [17:21] Manuela's tips and resources
  • [19:24] Meet Barbara Bilgre
  • [20:54] A life-changing moment
  • [24:07] Barbara's advice and inspiration
  • [26:32] The power of collaborative networks

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